• from accidental intake of chemical or maybe injected parenterally like for example: arsenic, gold compound, chloroform,carbon tetrachloride, phosphorous, which these may leads to acute liver cirrhosis or toxic hepatitis.
Signs and Symptoms:
  • for milder case symptoms are like epidemic hepatitis
  • toxic progress to acute stage of liver cirrhosis-
  1. intense jaundice
  2. persistent vomiting with blood
  3. hemorrhage under the skin-hematoma
  4. delirium
  5. coma
  6. convulsion develop
  7. die after few days
Nursing Management:
  • emotional support
  • encourage personal hygiene to feel comfortable
  • blood transfusion, intravenous solution and saline solution as prescribed by the physician
  • few recover but still develop cirrhosis of the liver , so continue providing comfort and treatment

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