Condo Unit for Rent/ sale in Mandaluyong Philippines

FOR RENT: condo residential unit
(1 bedroom type) . 29 square meter.
15,000 Philippine Peso/ month if unfurnished
17,000Philippine Peso/ month if semi furnished
22,000PhilippinePeso/ month if fully furnished
Contact 09279786771 or email nanaybelen@gmail. com

You can also contact me if you are interested to purchased one of their units.
CITYLAND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, the Leading Condominium Developer National Awardee, proudly announces the launching of another project that is conveniently located at Mandaluyong Executive Subdivision, G. Enriquez Street, Brgy. Vergara, Mandaluyong City.

Only minutes away from Makati City, MEM III offers commercial and residential units in studio, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom type at affordable prices in easy installment terms of up to ten (10) years. Everything is just within reach like shopping malls (Rockwell, SM Megamall, The Podium, Shangrila Plaza, Puregold, Market Place, Robinson's Pioneer, Edsa Central, Star Mall), schools, hotels and restaurants, banks, hospitals, churches. Common building features and amenities are provided for your convenience. An investment that affords you the best location at the right price.


Common Children's Play Area
Viewing Deck
Information Counter
Administration Office
Common Basketball Court
24-Hour Association Security
2 Elevators
Refuse Chute
AFSS / Fire Alarm System
Emergency Power Back-Up System For Common Area
CCTV at The Lobby
Cable TV Provision / MATV
Sewage Treatment Plant
Individual Mailbox
Car Ramp Signalling System
Underground & Elevated Water Tank



protection against breast , ovarian and uterine cancer

One killer disease among women now adays is cancer of the breast, uterine cancer or ovarian cancer. Any of this kind of cancer may victimized a women anytime. We all know that cancer is an unknown cause but according to some research, diet does influence the risk of cancer. High intake of fats and low intake of fruits and vegetables may lead a woman prone to cancer. It is emphasize that we have to eat fruits and vegetables with low fat and high fiber diet to decrease the risk of cancer. We (woman ) must have to consume regularly rich foods with high content of lycopene like tomato sauce. . According to research, these food lessens up to 28% the risk of ovarian, breast and uterine cancer .
A tomato sauce prepared from large number of tomatoes. Tomatoes is rich in lycopene, usually to be served as part of a dish (rather than as a condiment). ..Tomato sauces are common for meat and vegetable recipes and best known as sauces for pasta dishes. It reduces the risk of heart attack and certain cancers includes cancers of any of the parts of the reproductive system of a woman.


Quality stuff

My daughter is already working for two months now. She patiently use her old shoes.She didn't bought a new shoes and i am proud of her patience to use the old shoes which almost rotten. Actually she promise that first thing to buy from her first salary is a new shoes. After a month, she passed by the mall after getting her first salary. Her first time to buy her own stuff from her own earning. She bought shoes which cost the cheapest one. When i was the one buying her stuffs, she don't like cheap. LOL! She was even proud of the cheap price she bought. What made her frustrated is the shoes good only for less than a month. No wonder, the quality is very low and she has to buy another one. By this time,she decided to buy the shoes with quality, it does'nt matter if higher price.


Blogging made my day..

Hello friends. I am still upset of what happened to my other blog. It is two years old and been ranked for pr 4 for more than six months. AS far as i know, I,ve been honest in updating the blog and never thought that i will violates their terms and condition.
Blogging is already my fashion. I gained lots of friend and a little money. I'd contineously paid my monthly bills including, water, electric and telephone bills, the time when my business recessed. It saved our life. Those were the days when my business (the only source of income) recessed so i was emotionally and financially down.
I prayed and raised up my head until one day just found my self always sitting infront of the computer. I started with one blog then another blog and another blog. I forgot all the pains , sorrows, boredom and frustrations in my life while i am blogging. Blogging made my day everyday, that's why i blog everyday! I visits other sites and read their post.
I thank the blogspot provider for the free webhosting.

Menstrual care of folks

Folks in remote areas will not allow their teenager daughter to take shower during menstruation period especially on the first, second and the third day. It may cause problem on the reproductive organ later on the future. My mother too prohibits me to eat jack fruit, anything foods cooked with coconut milk , and mangoes or any citrus fruits. To prevent disagreements with my mother and follow her care, i said amen but when i became an adult, i contradict everything. I shower and take a bath everyday and i eat anything i want. At age of 43. I bleed a lot with endometriosis condition. My uterus inflamed due to some abnormality occurring in my uterus. My gynecologist did minor surgery Dilatation and Curettage in the hospital but bleeding continued after one week of D&C. Due to blood loss my hemoglobin dropped to 4 . The normal hemoglobin count is 12 so the doctor sugested Hysterectomy (removal of uterus) before my condition become worst.
At my age of 44, my uterus, fallopian tube and ovaries removed. My mother was 80 years old at that time but all her organs was still intact.


My hometown

Time flies so fast! I didn't live in my hometown since i started college. I spent most of my life here in Metro Manila until now that i have already young adult kids. I only goes back home with my kids only once a year for only a visit for my folks. I have no intention not to live there because i always missed the fresh air and simple life there and i wanted to be experienced also by my children but maybe it's a destiny that it was not happened. Life is now almost entirely different compare before. My hometown is not the place without improvement anymore. It improves a lot like a city. Jollibee, Mc Dough, Chowking , Shopping Mall with Cinemas are very accessible. Beaches are developed , it is not anymore a plain seashore where we used to swim without cottages or amenities. I remember those day that we used to go home with our clothes wet without changing after swimming.LOL.

Hello bloggers!

Hello friends. Its been long time that i have ignored this blog. I have decided to resume posting for this blog entitled "Why Life unhealthy?" because my posts was searched through google although i didn't promote by visiting or linking to other sites. Now, I am ready! To my fellow bloggers, please visit me always and i"ll visit your site too.