Blogging made my day..

Hello friends. I am still upset of what happened to my other blog. It is two years old and been ranked for pr 4 for more than six months. AS far as i know, I,ve been honest in updating the blog and never thought that i will violates their terms and condition.
Blogging is already my fashion. I gained lots of friend and a little money. I'd contineously paid my monthly bills including, water, electric and telephone bills, the time when my business recessed. It saved our life. Those were the days when my business (the only source of income) recessed so i was emotionally and financially down.
I prayed and raised up my head until one day just found my self always sitting infront of the computer. I started with one blog then another blog and another blog. I forgot all the pains , sorrows, boredom and frustrations in my life while i am blogging. Blogging made my day everyday, that's why i blog everyday! I visits other sites and read their post.
I thank the blogspot provider for the free webhosting.

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Risma Hutabarat said...

What's happened to your previous blog anyway? Did you got banned?

I use blog to earn money also. That's why I buy my own domains for my two blogs (which I use for paid review) but still have two free blogspot blogs for fun (lol)

It guarantees that you will never gonna get banned in whatsoever. Beside, a few advertisers sometimes refuse to hire bloggers with free webhosting like blogspot or wordpress :)

Well then congrats with your newest blog. Hope you'll get your PR4 back soon for this one :)

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