My hometown

Time flies so fast! I didn't live in my hometown since i started college. I spent most of my life here in Metro Manila until now that i have already young adult kids. I only goes back home with my kids only once a year for only a visit for my folks. I have no intention not to live there because i always missed the fresh air and simple life there and i wanted to be experienced also by my children but maybe it's a destiny that it was not happened. Life is now almost entirely different compare before. My hometown is not the place without improvement anymore. It improves a lot like a city. Jollibee, Mc Dough, Chowking , Shopping Mall with Cinemas are very accessible. Beaches are developed , it is not anymore a plain seashore where we used to swim without cottages or amenities. I remember those day that we used to go home with our clothes wet without changing after swimming.LOL.

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